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Friday, July 25, 2014


No major changes. Typical July heat and humidity will briefly return for today and tomorrow, with temps and humidity falling to cooler than average levels for all of next week. Some rains will occur today and the weekend, but should not be a major issue with outdoor activity.


Showers and thunderstorms will come through in waves the next 3 days. I will let the maps do most of the talking, but the nature to the rains will be for them to last an average of 3-5 hours in any one locale, so they will be more of a hindrance to outdoor activity, than a complete wash-out.

Temps will run in the 80ís in the northern and eastern Ĺ of the region, with some 90ís elsewhere for today and then 70ís and 80ís in the north, with 90ís in the south tomorrow. Cooler temps then look to build in as we go through Sunday, with highs in the 70ís in most areas by Monday.

Humidity levels will follow the temperature trends, raising when the temps warm and falling when the temps cool.


Things look to be mainly dry in most of the region for the first half of next week.

Chances for some showers and thunderstorms are then seen in most of the region by the second half of next week, although that activity looks to be hit and miss and fairly light.

Temps will run below average for much of next week, with highs in the 70ís in the northern Ĺ of the region and 80ís in the south.

Humidity levels also look to run below average for most of next week.


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